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Our Purpose

We exist to support the ministry of Camp McCall through financial and other resources directed to the development and improvement of camp facilities in order to further spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Capital Projects

Since our inception, Friends of McCall has donated many man hours of labor and thousands of dollars to further the ministry of Camp McCall through capital improvement projects.


Friends of McCall provides scholarship money each year to get young boys to McCall Royal Ambassador Camp who would otherwise never get to experience the wonderful mountain top experience.

Staff Gifts

Subordinate to the 2 main goals, but one we love to do is giving token gifts of appreciation to the current program staff for use in, and encouragment for, the crucial ministry of Christ they are called into.

Whether you are a former staffer, a former camper, a Royal Ambassador leader, a LAD Dad, or anyone who has been touched by the mission and ministry of McCall R.A. Camp...

We invite you to join hands with us to help make a difference in the lives of thousands of boys' lives every year.